Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kitchen Progress

The kitchen looks much cheerier today than three weeks ago when I arrived. I even decided to cut a rose bouquet this morning to brighten up the decor. (We were definitely in need of a little flair!) Those are two of my new IKEA cabinets on the countertop. I couldn't wait to put them together. How easy! And I love the unique hanging rail system.

Progress has been stunningly expedient. DH has worked tirelessly almost every single night and every weekend day for the past two weeks (except for last Saturday when we ventured into the City to take DD to the American Girl Place).

This was the view a few weeks ago. It may not look that different, but believe me, it is. DH finally got the plumbing installed for the main sink, so we could move the temp sink out of the laundry room and into position in the kitchen. He also got the rafters installed in the ceiling below the upstairs bath. (I'm so surprised the house didn't cave in years ago.) We abandoned the notion of bumping back the load-bearing wall, deciding it was too much extra work for a couple of feet of floor space. Plus this will give us more room in the adjoining guest room for a full bath in the future.

I installed the last of the can lights, although I'm going to have to move two that I installed last summer due to a change in floorplan. Today I'm wiring the island light and connecting the last of the 3-way switches for the cans. Last week I wired and installed our new vintage hallway lights. Don't they look grand against the studs? (Okay, they're a little crooked. They need a ceiling.)

The first weekend I was here, he installed the red oak flooring in the hallway, feathering the new into the old. Here's a shot of the new hallway floor and mudroom cubbies.

Today I ordered our new kitchen floor! Reclaimed wide-plank Southern yellow pine from Maryland. Woo hoo!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

what does DH and DD stand for????

6/15/2006 3:13 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

DH = Dear Husband (unless he's irritating me and then it's D@#$ Husband)

DD = Dear Daughter

6/22/2006 11:54 AM  

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