Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sizzle and Smoke

No, this is not about the first meal in my new kitchen. (I'm still building cabinets like a madwoman.) Unfortunately, it's about my camera.

It's official. I fried my camera. Or rather, the sun fried my camera at the beach. In the late afternoon, I snapped this picture (sadly, the last one this camera will ever take), and then the camera just froze. When I turned it around to see what was the matter, I saw tiny wisps of smoke swirling out from behind the lens and smelled a distinct metallic burn. I'd heard of things like this happening. I don't know the physics of it (something about sunlight and glass and just the right angle), but my camera is no more.

I never realized how often I use it. And of course, it's out of warranty. So, now I have to shop for another. Because honestly, how can I blog without my camera?

Happy Birthday to my Brother!