Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

Yesterday, we left the house in the morning intent upon buying a $25 part for the lawnmower, so we could finally mow the lawn-as-hayfield.

Now that we have hired helpers to work on the house, we're kind of confused about how to spend our time. What? We don't have to spackle? No painting? No woodwork? Nothing to install? What's a DIY family to do?

Well, shop apparently. By the end of the day, after buying the $25 lawnmower part, we had added another $3000 to the credit card.

Among our purchases were the Frigidaire Twins. After lifting them into the house (what would we do without the tractor?),
and plugging them in, DH said it's beginning to look like we're opening a restaurant. As of today, we own six refrigerators/freezers. Craigslist, here we come.

Frigidaire Twins, still sporting their white protective coverings

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