Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do You eBay? I Do!

Blanco Pot Filler in Stainless Steel

What's the most fun part of a kitchen remodel? The shopping, of course! I'm fairly frugal and always looking for a deal, which is why eBay is one of my favorite haunts. Would I buy a house or a car on eBay? Probably not. Okay, no. But everything else is up for grabs -- as long as the shipping is not too exorbitant, and as long as the price is better than what I could get it for locally. And some things just aren't available anywhere else. I've bought many things on eBay over the years, from mealworms to clothing to tractors. Kitchen accoutrements are one of the best bargains going.

Last summer I purchased a garbage disposal for the MN kitchen (still yet to be installed!). Now begins my spending spree for the NJ kitchen.

What makes eBay fun?

Sniping! I prefer to snipe by hand, rather than use a sniping service. That takes all the fun out of it. Yesterday, I sniped this brand new Rangemaster hood insert (regularly $500+) with only 2 seconds to go. Look at the times of the last few bids.... look at the seconds! Exhilarating, I tell ya!

Last week, I purchased a new, never-used stainless steel Blanco pot filler faucet. Savings? Only about $50. This one was purchased outright, through the Buy It Now feature. But I was so excited, I had DH install it (temporarily of course) as soon as it arrived. I also wanted to make sure it really worked.

What's next on my eBay shopping list? The Whitehaus fireclay farm sink (a steal at $550), the Frigidaire Twins, maybe the Kohler Vinnata. But right now, the weather's cool out so it's time to go clean out the corncrib and garage. Cheers!



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